Novelty Decorative Cushions


When it comes to decorating your home, you want best. There are many things which attract a person while entering home or a room, Cushions are one of them. They help to create and finish the look of a room. They may change the appearance of your room if chosen or placed correctly. Cushion Co brings a huge range of animal Cushions for animal lovers. Our animal cushions are perfect for snuggling on your couch, resting on your bed, decorating your home, or just help you and your little ones catch a quick nap. They are a complete package of Novelty Decorative Cushions. There are number of thing you must keep in your mind while buying any cushion.


Cushion co has wide range of Unique designer cushions. Cushions made be us are not only unique but of very good Quality. They don't get flat after sometime. They were built to last and last.


While buying anything, you always check material first means what kind of material is used while making an object. At Cushion Co, you don't need to worry about material at all. The cushions made by us are of from premium quality fabrics, we chose a very soft lightweight canvas, it has the durability needed for longevity, but still has a beautiful soft hand feel, perfect for cuddle time. The inside fill is 100% polyester.


The Chosen colour matters a lot. The colour is very first thing to attract anyone. We offers a range of cushions in different colours & they are pretty attractive.


A cushion must fit on your bed, sofa, and couch. Our cushions are 40 cm's tall, where the cushion has a horizontal image placement the cushion is 40 cm's long. The widths will varies on each individual cushion. They can easily get fit in you home.

Cushion Co assure you to provide good quality cushions & a high-quality cuddling. Our team of cuddle experts thoughtfully handpicked every single animal cushion to provide you with a trusted snuggle buddy that is perfect for your home. Have a look at our collection at